Aden Energies opens 12MW solar rooftop project with Geely’s Yoening Technology

Phase I of project now operational, will cut 8,600 tons of carbon annually .



Aden Energies


Aden Energies is proud to announce that Phase I of its solar/pv based microgrid for Yoening is now completed. This project will be a major boost to Aden Energies’ collaboration with the EV automotives leader at their industrial hubs. Now operational, the new project delivers renewable energy at large scale including:

Aden Energies led investment, technical advisory and installation, and is now running ongoing O&M for the project. Aden Energies has taken a number of steps to ensure the best performance and data from this new solar/PV project.

First, it is using the Akila digital platform to track and optimize energy consumption, as well as energy-financial reporting, over the course of the project lifetime. Additionally, Aden Energies has used TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membranes for the roof which supports an additional 10% power generation due to its reflective properties and ability to keep the rooftop cooler while also supporting the building and PV rooftop’s longevity via waterproofing and protection from environmental corrosion.

With the successful completion of Phase I, Aden Energies will continue to support Yoening in Phase II and help it work toward the Group’s goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2030 and full value chain carbon neutrality by 2045.