Aden Indonesia opens HPMU nickel mine remote camp management

Mining camp project on Obi Island to deepen Aden Indonesia’s footprint in camp management for the nickel sector .



Remote camps


Aden Indonesia is excited to announce that it has opened its latest remote camp management project. This latest project will serve HPMU’s 23,000 sqm nickel mine on Obi Island, located in heart of Indonesia’s nickel mining industry, North Maluku province. This positions Aden Indonesia as an even more active player in smart and sustainable solutions for facilities, catering and camp management in the country’s booming nickel sector.

In phase I of the project, Aden will provide catering, housing, logistics and other camp management solutions to 500+ onsite employees of HPU, leveraging our digital tools to bring transparency, tracking and efficiency to the project. Meanwhile, camp operations will be fully supplied through Aden’s policy of national-local supply chain balancing, a cornerstone of Aden Indonesia’s community investment. Aden will combine:

In addition to this, Aden Indonesia will be pursuing its longstanding policy of community development and upskilling through local hiring, with 90% of the Phase I team recruited from surrounding communities.

Aden Indonesia’s Country General Manager, Nicolas Durupt, commented “HPMU is a well-established and respected player in the nickel sector, and we are honored that they have entrusted us with this Obi Island project. As the boom in nickel continues, we will be pursuing a program of continuing innovation in operational data tracking and best practices, always rooted in our commitment to the people and communities which support the camp.”