Aden Group joins inauguration of FPT Software in China as strategic partnership

The global IT company FPT Software inaugurates the Dalian High-Tech Zone for their new China and Japan-facing subsidiary, FPT Dalian.






Aden Group and Akila joined the global IT company FPT Software in the Dalian High-Tech Zone for the inauguration of their new China and Japan-facing subsidiary, FPT Dalian on 13th March 2024.

The new entity will reinforce its strong presence in the Japan and China markets and will give FPT access to a high-quality talent pool of over 20,000 Japanese-proficient IT engineers and a network of local R&D and academic resources. Leaders from Akila in Japan and China as well as Aden Group were on hand to celebrate and show their support for FPT’s IFM, digital, and business development.

This was a milestone that all of us at Aden Group and Akila had good reason to celebrate. We have a longtime business relationship with FPT Group, including an ongoing IFM partnership in Vietnam covering FPT’s Global HQ in Hanoi, plus projects Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Akila Japan has also kicked off a strategic Consulting & Integration partnership, working to deepen the ties with Japan while also seeking out collaborative opportunities for digitalization with FPT’s expanding China presence.

More generally, we were thrilled to join an event that is so closely in line with Aden Group’s own mission of accelerating growth and innovation across borders. We want to thank FPT for inviting us to join and give special thanks to Chairwoman Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Executive Chairman Toru Tanihara, and CEO of FPT Software Dalian Pham Thanh Tuan for their inspiring speeches during the evening.