NXpark attains LEED Gold for its Xi’an High-tech industrial park

Congrats to the NXpark team, for achieving another international environmental certification, one step to a smart and sustainable future!





NXpark by Aden has secured its latest environmental certification! This award this time is LEED Gold for Forvia Faurecia’s flagship industrial property in Xi’an High-Tech Zone. We are proud to be the investor, asset manager, and developer of this smart industrial park which now covers 107,333 sqm in its Phase I, and has also achieved HQE certification and net-zero facility performance at its main factory, achieved and validated by the Akila platform.

The LEED Gold certification is one of the highest possible scorings and recognizes significant measurable strides in environmental impact and human benefits. For the Forvia Faurecia plant, our team’s application covered several areas where we have systemically designed and operated for sustainability. Some of the key features marked in our LEED application:

In the future, we know that there will be many certifications to come, and to sustained progress in decarbonizing the industrial properties sector. Aden is committed to creating smart, safe, and sustainable industrial parks.